About us

Our motto is expressed in the following lines: “To love means to participate fully in joy and in sorrow of your neighbor.  Anyone who loves, opens in himself limitless opportunities of consolation and sympathy.  People are angels with only one wing.  And we can fly only when we embrace someone."




Vitaly Saban - President

Marina Zavadskaya - Accountant
Tatiana Prygorovska - Translator, Public Relations Manager

Zhanna Zgurska - Designer

Liliana Khomyshyn - Press-Service Manager of the Foundation

Kateryna Tsaritsyna - Translator

Maria Pazynyuk - Art Therapist


Mykola Ivaskiv - representative in Lisbon

Tatiana Uhrak - Associate Fund Manager

Галина Приймак - бухгалтер


You can always contact us by phone:
Vitaly Saban (General questions) 
phone +38099-419-59-84, e-mail - info@tyanhel.org.ua
- Galina Pryymak (financial issues)
тел. +38099-419-59-84, e-mail - priymak.galya2014@yandex.ru
- Marina Zavadskaya (registration, submission of documents, medication support)
phone +38050-433-72-67, e-mail - meri4@mail.ru
Liliana Homyshin (press service of the Foundation, submit news about your child) 
phone +38050-051-69-75, e-mail - liliana@tyanhel.org.ua
Maria Pazynyuk (art therapist, suggestions for creative activities at the OncoHematology Department of Ivano-Frankivsk Children’s Clinic)
phone +38099-708-94-39, e-mail - info@tyanhel.org.ua
Tatiana Ugrak (lawyer, legal advice)
phone +38095-842-93-66, e-mail - tetiana.ugrak@tyanhel.org.ua
Yaroslava Dubenka (representative of the United States (Chicago)
тел. 773-865-3008, e-mail - slavka_d2001@mail.ru
Mykola Ivaskiv (representative in Lisbon)
тел. 773-865-3008, e-mail - slavka_d2001@mail.ru