Victoria Petsa-Dovbush has undergone a rehabilitation course in Truskavets

2019 07 09 Views: 146

Recently, our girl - Victoria, returned from Truskavets. She spent 12 full days there. Victoria’s mother says that they are very pleased with the result of rehabilitation treatment; they see new successes and achievements.
“During treatment, Victoria most enjoyed attending massages, paraffin therapy, vibrating massages. She was completely relaxed and fell asleep on the procedures", says Irina Ivasyuk, Victoria's mother, with delight.
There were also procedures that she did not like. The girl did not tolerate physical therapy, mechanotherapy and joint development. However, at the end of the course of treatment, the child began to swallow better, began to move her legs actively. The twelve days went by very quickly, and most importantly, effectively.
The next rehab course is scheduled for December, so we ask you to continue help for Victoria and her mother, who is making a titanic effort to ease her daughter's suffering.
Throughout August, Victoria’s grandparents will care the girl, and her mother, Irina, has to go to work in Italy to earn money for the further treatment of her baby and the maintenance of her family.