Victoria Vistovska - the third relapse of the brain tumor

2018 05 15 Views: 1095

Victoria has been struggling with the illness for four years. She completed basic treatment and she was due to make a bone marrow transplant last December.  But all over again illness - Victoria has third relapse of the brain tumor.
The girl should be a donor for herself- doctors wanted to take healthy cells for bone marrow transplantation. It was the only chance to overcome the medulloblast cerebellum. But after years of exhausting chemotherapy, Victoria was forced to undergo a preliminary treatment to heal brain cells. While she was in Kiev all these procedures passed - there was a relapse again. The child starts treatment again. Doctors add another aggressive drug – Bevacizumab to the already familiar chemotherapy medicaments. This is a vasoconstrictor that prevents blood supply to the tumor. One course of treatment consists of four vial injections. This drug is very expensive, in addition, it is necessary to take Irinotecan and Temodal. After two courses, the child will be examined and re-appointed for treatment.
Despite the complexity of the disease, Victoria feels good. She takes chemotherapy medicaments – it is customary for her. Parents are doing everything they can to make a girl smile - she smiles very much. But there is no money for the next treatment. Everything is spent on previous treatment, which proved to be useless. Help Victoria overcome the tumor, there is a chance for her complete recovery. That's just a long and expensive process.