The official presentation of the coloring book "The Grandmother Hannusia’s Farm" was held

2019 01 28 Views: 130

The official presentation of the coloring book "The Grandmother Hannusia’s Farm" was held on January 27. The volunteer of the charity foundation "You are an Angel", art therapist Marichka Pazinyuk is the ideologue and author of the book. This book is unique because the pictures are non-typical, but created in a special style, in which Marichka works.
“The book is designed for children who are in difficult living conditions. I often work with such kids and understand that they need special attention and support. These pictures will help peer into the world of childhood remember how it was with a grandmother in a village, paint domestic animals and recount puzzles. I am sure that the book will give the kids a great mood and inspiration", says the author of the book Marichka Pazinyuk.
The children tried to color the book during the presentation. The process turned out to be rather interesting, because the coloring is not easy, but very addictive."It is a very cool book. There are many bright colors here. There are many clear lines here. We need to be very careful to do everything right. Although there is a sample and to start coloring is not scary at all", said children, who were present. 
The presentation of the book "The Grandmother Hannusia’s Farm" was held in the gallery "Art on the Wall" (Art na Mur). The head of the local history department of City Central Librarian System Anna Parkulkab moderated the event. A lot of people came to support Marichka, including the spiritual tutor of the author, priest Mikhail Vikhot’ from the Holy Spirit Descent parish. Also, the mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk Ruslan Martsinkiv visited the event. He not only congratulated Marichka on the release of the book, but also brought sweet gifts for the children, who are cared for by Charity Foundation "You are an Angel".
"I feel that we have such a good literature for children that carries good and joy. I am sure that the book will be useful to every family", Ruslan Martsinkiv said.
The bright note of the event was the performance of young vocalist Natalia Furchenko. Also, the children of the author of mysteries Natalia Mykulyak read poetry. At the end of the presentation Marichka Pazinuyk thanked her mum for talent and presented her with flowers. 
The edition of the coloring book "The Grandmother Hannusia’s Farm" is 1000 copies. These books will be received by all the children who are cared for by "You are an Angel", because the coloring is created specifically for them.