A charity concert in support of the Charity Foundation “You are an Angel” was successfully held in the USA (Video)

2019 05 30 Views: 770

More than 200 visitors and UAH 100 000 of charitable contributions are the result of the concert organized by representatives of the Charity Foundation “You are an Angel” New York, USA.
The event was very successful, the Honored Artist of Ukraine Iryna Lonchyna, the “Synevyr” school dance ensemble (led by Gregory Momot), and the music group “Rodyna” participated in. There were also praying songs by poets Natalia Boguslava, songs by schoolchildren Solomiya Lobach and lyricist by Roman Marchuk. They scattered a lottery organized by activist Irina Makarova. The women from Mary's team provided sweetheart and cooks. And priest of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church Roman Malyarchuk told the opening word-prayer.
“Looking at the current reality of orphanages, the heart is squeezed with horror. We sensitively perceive this childhood tragedy to all our nature and we are trying hard to help everything", says Ivan Onyshchuk, the spokeswoman for the Charity Foundation “You are an Angel” in the United States.
It was collected USD 3 743 during the charity concert. All funds will be spend on the construction of the “House of Angel” – the center where children, who are educated in social institutions, will spend their leisure time.
Charitable Foundation “You are an Angel” thanks everyone who participated in the concert.
“Friends, you are incredible. Every day I'm more and more convinced how big your hearts are! Thank you for your support. We will definitely build the "House of Angel", I believe that the project will be implemented in the near future ", - summed up Vitaliy Saban, director of the Charity Foundation “You are an Angel”.