There was a dance flash mob for children - wards of "Ty-Anhel" in Dolyna

2018 04 15 Views: 277

A dance flash mob took place in support of our wards for the first time in the history of the charity foundation "Ty-Angel". Participants of the Dolyna Dance Studio «Gracia» organized this event. Children danced at the mall, and passers-by could join the action, putting donations in a box intended to help sick children-wards of "Ty-Anhel".
"Our pupils are incredibly glad and happy to be involved in charity. They feel their importance and are ready to share their talent and empathy to help their peers who are in a difficult life situation. We are ready to continue to carry out charitable activities in support of children – wards of the "Ty-Anhel" Foundation, because it is important when all children are happy", says Lilia Kordasevych, the head of the Oriental and Contemporary Dance Studio, Fitness, Yoga, Gymnastics "Grace".
This is already the second charity event, conducted by indifferent and creative children engaged in the dance studio "Gracia". Children collected UAH 432 and with their extraordinary talent and transferred them to the Fund's account.