"You are an Angel" has prepared for the publication a unique book for coloring

2018 12 12 Views: 290

The team of the CF “You are an Angel” works hard on a Christmas present for the wards. It’s still quite a bit - and the world will get a unique coloring book "The farm of Grandma Gannusia", which has no analogues. This edition is an author's copy of the art therapist of the Charitable Foundation "You are an Angel" Marichka Pazinyuk, who is responsible for artistic classes in the department of children oncohematology of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Children Clinical Hospital.
"This coloring book is special, we decided to create it for the wonderful brave kids who have to withstand all the obstacles of their lives. We tried to arrange little imaginary holidays for our children in our grandmother's village, where they will be able to get along with the wildlife, to solve author's riddles and to paint the world around them in bright colors!" - says the author of the paintings Marichka Pazinyuk.
Our friend - the modern printing house "Univest" will make. 
An important mission of polygraphic printing of our creative product will be performed by a partner and loyal friend of Charitable Fund "Ty-Angel" - the modern printing house "Univest".
We sincerely believe that this book will give children pleasant emotions of creativity, playful mood and give inspiration and strength to overcome uncertainty.
We can not fail to mention people who spent a lot of time and energy in order for this book to come to light. In a special way, we thank the director of the printing company "Univest" Victor Narynsky, the Joint-Stock Company "Prykarpattyaoblenergo" for the financial support of the thousandth edition of the books, the highly skilled designer Olga Labiy, the author of the riddles - Natalia Mykulyak, the literary editor, the educator of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children - Vira Tytova, well, of course, the artist Marichka Pazinyuk.
"I am glad and proud of the creators of this bright edition. All this team of creative personalities can rightfully be called the wizards of children's dreams, because every page of coloring, every word and touch has invested a lot of love, sincerity and care for the new generation of the new Ukraine", - says the director and founder of the charity foundation "You are an Angel" Vitaliy Saban.
Release of the book-booklet is planned on the first days of January 2019.