Svyatoslav Kotula missed rehabilitation because of cold

2018 01 10 Views: 261

In December, Svyatoslav Kotula had a little sick, so his rehabilitation last month had to be postponed. In this regard, there were no special achievements in his physical condition. However, he continues to learn new letters and rhymes, likes to listen and tell stories, including poetry. Learned to sing new songs, and now Christmas carols and wishes. 
On January 22 the boy and his mother will go to Truskavets for a rehabilitation course in International clinic of Rehabilitation. CF "You-Angel" paid for his treatment program. Now he is dressed warm not to get sick again. We are sure that this trip will be very fruitful for a boy, but we will write later on his success.
Let’s remind, Svyatoslav is the second child of the twins. And he has cerebral palsy. He is not able to walk, but really wants to run with her brother. The only father works in the family, the mother continued maternity leave for childcare.