Sergiy Petryshyn had a surgery

2018 06 22 Views: 412

Sergiy Petryshyn recently suffered a very important period in his life - he has gotten two implants in his thigh and shin. "The surgery was very difficult. It lasted for 9 hours instead of scheduled 1 hour. The bone has been scattered in three places after touching" - says Sergiy’s mother Olga Mikhaylivna.
Now Sergiy is at home. They only have returned from Kharkiv yesterday. He has fever, and he is much depleted. However, doctors say it is a normal state. The child has 4 months to undergo rehabilitation - he will take a special medicament to strengthen his bones. In November, Sergiy will have another surgery - on his second leg. Doctors insist in strict mode to take all medicaments and regularly to undergo the examination, because his bones are too fragile.
Let’s remind you, that Sergiy Petryshyn has imperfect osteogenesis. His bones break down at every step. He cannot walk, stand or take anything in his hand. Special implants should be introduced into his legs and special medicaments for strengthening bone tissue should be introduced to make fractures more rarely.