Sergiy Petryshyn got implant in his leg

2019 06 17 Views: 286

There was a long awaited event - Sergiy Petryshyn has gotten surgery. A special implant to strength his bone was introduced into his left leg. 
The surgery was successful, doctors from the Sitenko Kharkiv Institute did their job very well. However, Sergiy hardly underwent anesthesia: for a long time he was in intensive care because he could not breathe normally. The boy lost a lot of blood and has very low hemoglobin level. He needed a blood transfusion.
Now he gets better, he started talking, smiling. This is the second implant introduced into his body. Funds were raised over throughout our country. Therefore, friends, thank you for your indifference and generosity. This is all thanks to your help!
We hope that Sergiy Petryshyn's life will continue to be without breakage and full of bright colors. Let’s remind you, he is called a “crystal” boy, since he has very fragile bones (imperfect osteogenesis).