Pavlyshyn Danylo - several months of treatment have passed

2018 08 23 Views: 264

Our ward Danylo struggles against Crohn's disease. He returned home after a treatment at the Regional Children Clinical Hospital. 
More than three months have passed from the first injection of immunobiological medicament "Humira". Control tests show that Danylo gets better, but it worth not stopping. In general, the boy feels good. Perhaps, his positive state was influenced by summer holidays, because he has a lot of free time and nothing overloads himself.
Treatment continues. We ask to help the child to buy medical products to decrease gastrointestinal inflammation.
Let’s remind you, Danylo Pavlyshyn has the chronic inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract - Crohn's disease. Treatment is very expensive and long lasting. The family spend more than UAH 10 000 on medicaments every month. Danylo's brother is a student too. The father does not live with them. So, it's difficult for the mother to provide child’s treatment in such circumstances.