Pavlo Gumenyak - treatment gives results

2018 05 14 Views: 228

Condition of Pavlo Gumenyak has improved after the changed of treatment. It is easier for him to walk and redness on her legs has gone. It is almost no bleeding from his feet and intestine pain are minimized.
The boy is walk more, he likes to read different books and make puzzles. His letter became more expressive. Pavlo smiles more. But even though blood pressure is still falling, it is easier to normalize it. The boy went through a regular examination - he had enlarged platelets. Doctors prescribed treatment for a month, after which Pavlo will have tests and doctors will appoint further medications. So far, he does not take massages, because his legs still hurt.
Let us remind you Pavlo Gumenyak has been being under CF “You are an Angel” tutelage for more than 4 years. During this time he has gone through a lot, and surgery, and hepatitis, and even stroke. After the last stroke he had completely lost his sight, he refused the body, the boy learned to walk and speak again. But with your support and prayers, his deals are better.