News from Oleg and Volodya Petriv

2018 06 07 Views: 218

Oleg and Volodya feel good. The boys continue to engage in the "Aquatoria" pool in Kalush. As far as the boys love water very much, this makes it easier for the rehabilitation doctor to make classes, and swimming is beneficial for the kids.
In parallel, Oleg and Volodya undergo rehabilitation at the Ivano-Frankivsk “Altmed” Health Center. Oleg’s body develops a little better and Volodya with his mother traveled to Kiev to the “Okhmatdyt” clinic for a cardiologist and geneticist re-consultation. The child has prescribed additional treatment with a variety of physical exercises.
Let’s remind you, the children are not able to walk on their own. Doctors hope the twins will give a positive response to rehabilitation. Oleg and Volodya were assigned massages, exercise therapy, and recommended to undergo a re-course of rehabilitation in the Kozyavkin’s Clinic of Rehabilitation.