Yulia Romaniv is back from the second course of rehabilitation

2017 06 18 Views: 171

Every time after Yulia got treatment in Truskavets, everybody can see positive changes. This rehabilitation is very useful for the child, but it must be done routinely. Yulia recently completed another treatment course. It’s impossible to count improvements!
She began to understand better requests, holds her head and back. And her appetite and sleep improved. The child likes to be in the Kozyavkin International clinic of rehabilitation, and though changes come very slowly, but steadily. The photo shows how she has changed. We are happy for her, but remember that rehabilitation is still ongoing, so please join to raise funds to buy the child another ticket.
Let’s remind you, Yulia is sick from her birth. To her two years she had epileptic seizures. It becomes possible to overcome disease by prying a lot and massage course getting. But the girl has a rare pathology that is accompanied by disturbance of the lower intestine. It is complicated with Down syndrome. She needs constant rehabilitation. When the child is getting massages and all treatments, she has improved muscle tone, immediately felt a change for the better. So please help us with paying for rehabilitation treatment for Yulia.