Eldar Ramazanov - first chemotherapy course gave a result

2017 06 18 Views: 734

Eldar Ramazanov has already undergone two courses of chemotherapy. It all started to emerge: a tumor has decreased by 30%. Some lymph tumors on his lungs and liver had shrunk – and the news is good! He for more than three weeks does not take pain killer medicaments – he feels better.
CT revealed the tumor is covered with a hard shell and it makes possible a surgery to carrying out. But the doctors in Kiev decided to wait a bit more – to undergo two more chemotherapies to shell become more compacted, and make surgery later. Eldar is strong, he overcomes the disease; we only apply to support him!
Let’s remind you, Eldar was diagnosed with undifferentiated carcinoma with signs of neuroendocrine differentiation of retroperitoneal space. There are metastases in his spleen and liver. Stage 4. The guy is undergoing treatment at the regional children hospital. The family has four children; the youngest is an autistic child, so all the money was spent on treatment of the disabled person. His mother divorced with her husband for several years, he has no children case.