Petriv Twins returned from Truskavets

2017 12 13 Views: 273

Oleg and Volodymyr Petriv have passed intensive neurophysiological rehabilitation course at the Truskavets Rehabilitation Clinic. They had classes with highly skilled specialists. They developed joints, contracture decreased, muscle tone improved. Volodymyr and Oleg became more attentive, and their words were expressive, they sits confidently, plays with toys.
The treatment program gave them benefit. And a trip to the dolphinarium added them emotions - the dolphins very much comforted our boys. Now twins at home, but continue to practice physical therapy. They make significant progress and promise to be fully recovered.
Let’s remind you, the children are not able to stand on their legs. Doctors hope the twins will give a positive response to rehabilitation. Oleg and Volodymyr were prescribed massages, exercise therapy, and recommended to undergo a re-course of rehabilitation in the Kozyavkin’s Clinic of Rehabilitation.