Dolyna City Children's Hospital has received new bedding

2019 09 12 Views: 129

It has become a good tradition of our foundation to renovate textiles at the Dolyna Children's Hospital. This year, the foundation team again made sure that small patients got treatment on neat, bright beds.
We are convinced that the new bed linen in bright colors will give children a good mood facilitating their speedy recovery. In total, 50 sets of high quality bedding were transferred to the hospital.
“Hooray! We have new updates again. The CF “You are an Angel” has brought over 50 sets of bed linen with beautiful baby patterns. Bright, cheerful bed will create a positive mood for the speedy recovery of children” - wrote the head doctor Natalia Vysochanska on her Facebook page.
Let’s remind you, that volunteers of the CF “You are an Angel” purchased a modern laboratory apparatus - the ULAB-2 spectrophotometer for the Dolyna City Children's Hospital at the beginning of the year; and the CF plans to purchase a laboratory thermostat for blood haemocoagulation research in microbiology, virology, clinical biochemistry by the end of 2019. The device in the hospital has long been out of order, and because of its age is beyond repair.