Children from social centers of the region made a pilgrimage to Zarvanytsia

2018 10 22 Views: 174

Charitable Foundation "You are an Angel" believes that children should get comprehensive development and they should be taught of Christian morals.
Our volunteers pay special attention children with lack parental care and communication. All together, we made a pilgrimage to Zarvanytsia of the Ternopil region on the weekend.
Children from the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Center for Social-Psychological Rehabilitation and pupils of the Interregional Center of the Medynia village of took part in the trip. They visited the main church of Zarvanytsia, the spiritual center, prayed and asked the Saints for good, peace and health for all their loved ones. In addition, we visited the "Ukrainian Jerusalem" - copies of the buildings of the Holy Land, in particular the Holy Sepulcher, which was officially opened and sanctified only two months ago. Yet we managed to walk the paths of the Cross Road, go to the house of the Mother of God and pray to the image of the Virgin.
In the afternoon, the young pilgrims had a delicious lunch, which was organized at the refectory of the Maria Center. Thanks to Father Dmitry from the Ivano-Frankivsk Monastery of the Mother of God's Relentless Help, our wards felt the true spiritual atmosphere of the sanctuary. "There are some special feelings here. I can not speak words. I like it here", "Very light and joyful in soul. It's nice to come here. I want to come here again", the children shared their impressions.
More photos from the trip are here.