Сhildren has visited old people in the Vygoda geriatric center

2019 02 06 Views: 100

It is important not only to help children, but also to accustom them to matters of mercy. The volunteers of the CF “You are an Angel” promote the children's love and compassion for others.
So, in the framework of celebration of Christmas holidays, pupils of the Ivano-Frankivsk Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of children visited the old people in the Vygoda geriatric center. The children congratulated grandparents with Merry Christmas, song carols and sweetened them.
The participant of the project "Christmas together", a ward of the social institution, is still impressed after visiting the geriatric center: "When we’ve approached the geriatric center, I was very scared and had goose bumps. And when we went in, I was getting worse. We presented these gifts and I thought: poor people, their families threw them. And when we song carols for these grandfathers and grandmothers - then we all cried - they and we. I'm sorry for such people. There was a desire to take them to us", - says with awe, 15-year-old Olga Bedrus.
Despite the fact, children from the center of social and psychological rehabilitation are not very easy, they nevertheless show love and generosity to others. We are proud of our wards, they are sincere and kind. And they are ready to give your love to others.