Diana Shpakovych - News from the OncoHematology Department

2017 12 03 Views: 227

Diana completed the third block of chemotherapy. Now she has "flushing out", so the girl missed the lessons of art therapy, which CF “Ty-Anhel” traditionally holds in OncoHematology Department. She loves these classes very much, so she will visit her next week.
Despite the heavy and debilitating therapy, Diane feels well, the tests are normal. Her mood is good and she "recharges" others. The child has many friends in the department, she tries to support and cheer everyone.
The girl continues her treatment, ahead of the next block of chemotherapy and will soon have to buy a new batch of chemotherapy medicaments. Her mother thanks to all for prayer and financial support, and we ask to support the child in the future.
Let’s remind you, Diana was diagnosed with a tumor on the liver. A girl from 2013 has a difficult fight against the disease. There is no father in the family; there are the son except Diana. Mom does not work, she cares children for a survivor's pension, and monthly income is 1300 UAH.