Denis Klad’ko Has Turned His 15

2018 08 22 Views: 231

Congratulations to Denis Klad’ko on his birthday! We wish him patience and strength for complete recovery!
This summer has passed away very quickly for him. During the summer, Denis was engaged in swimming. He loves to read books, and now he likes the well-known American psychologist Kelly McGonigal. In her books a writer and a professor at Stanford University advises how to strength will and master three skills: "I will", "I will not" and "I want".
Our ward is now preparing for school. He missed his classmates and now aspires to new knowledge. He likes studying, despite not all of the subjects are easy for him.
Let us remind you, Denis Klad’ko should have a spine leveling surgery as soon as possible. Special implant entering is necessary to him, and his internal organs will function properly after that. The surgery costs UAH 300 000.