Danylo Pavlyshyn – the treatment is successful, but not enough

2018 07 04 Views: 293

For all this time, there were almost no changes in Danylo’s life. He continues to receive treatment at home. Permanent control tests show slight improvements. He feels differently - sometimes better, sometimes worse.
Danylo is a student. He was looking forward to the summer holidays. He hopes that not only will have rest, but will also devote more time to his health by eating healthy food and inspiriting summer mood.
Let’s remind you, that Danylo Pavlyshyn has the chronic inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract - Crohn's disease. Treatment is very expensive and long lasting. Every month the family spent more than UAH 10 000 on medical products. Danylo's brother is also a student. The family has no father. So, it's difficult for his mother to provide child’s treatment in such circumstances.