Danylo Pavlyshyn – his condition has improved

2018 01 02 Views: 262

Just month ago, we were not able to talk about Danylo Pavlyshyn’s condition improving, but now we say this with confidence – the treatment gives positive results. In December, the boy had control tests showed a positive trend. Treatment helps.
Every day, doctors reduce the dose of hormonal medicaments. His body slowly becomes accustomed. However, his immunity is very weak. But, he understands that it is impossible to stop, firmly believes in recovery and we also know that the guy will succeed!
Let’s remind you, Danylo was diagnosed with the dangerous diagnosis – Crohn's disease. It is a kind of chronic inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, and it can disturb a person's rest of her life. Danylo has appointed an expensive and prolonged treatment. The boy's mother is has been being divorced with her husband for 9 years and she grows up two children. Now they are college students.