Danylo Pavlyshyn feels better

2018 11 02 Views: 161

Danylo Pavlyshyn, who is ill with Crohn's disease, continues his treatment at home. However, despite this, he systematically gets consultations from doctors of the regional children hospital.
The viral infection, to which he was ill, partly inflated the general health of the child. However, analyzes, that he constantly pass, show a good result. That is just because he has very low hemoglobin. He is still getting injections of the medicament “Humira”; soon he will have an examination of the intestine to show the dynamics of the disease. He is now feeling well and constantly adhering to the regime he has been appointed by doctors.
Let’s remind you, Danylo Pavlyshyn has the chronic inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract - Crohn's disease. Treatment is very expensive and long lasting. The family spend more than UAH 10 000 on medicaments every month. Danylo's brother is a student too. The father does not live with them. So, it's difficult for the mother to provide child’s treatment in such circumstances.