Danylo Pavlyshyn - Crohn's disease has intensified

2018 06 05 Views: 285

Danylo is at home now. He no longer takes hormones, according to the advice of physicians. But doctors assigned him a new medicament - "Humira" that specifically binds to a natural cytokine that is involved in normal inflammatory and immune reactions. "Humira" neutralizes the biological effects of CNF, blocks its interaction with individual receptors. So, every 2 weeks Danylo goes to the Regional Children Hospital for this medicament injection. But analyzes and well-being after the abolition of hormones are deteriorating each time. Doctors say that Crohn's disease has intensified. The fellow continues to be treated and it is now very important to support him morally and financially. The recovery process is very expensive and cannot be stopped halfway.
Let's remind you, that Danylo was diagnosed with the Crohn's disease. This is a kind of chronic inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, which can disturb the person throughout his life. Danylo was prescribed expensive and long-term treatment. His mother has been being divorced for 9 years and has her two children. Now they are college students.