Petriv twins returned from Truskavets

2018 03 21 Views: 247

Volodymyr and Oleg Petriv completed a course of treatment in the Truskavets rehabilitation center "Elita". They spent time in the break room with pleasure, in addition to massage and physical therapy. They played their fun. Children developed fine motor skills, learn something new.
Oleg and Volodymyr are able to think logically, they distinguish shapes, range from smaller to bigger. They know the basic colors and distinguish letters from numbers. They know all the vowels and, selectively, the consonants. As well, as numbers from 0 to 10, however, but they still do not count.
The twins visited the Dolphinarium "Oscar" this weekend. They liked the play and had many emotions. The boys like the water games, Volodymyr even wanted to swim with dolphins. Mama hopes that soon this dream will come true and the kids will be healthy. But, they have to undergo many rehabilitation courses.
Let’s remind you, that children are not able to stand on their own. The doctors hope that the twins will have a positive response to rehabilitation. Oleg and Volodymyr were appointed massages and physical therapy; recommended to undergo another course of rehabilitation in the Kozyavkin’s International Clinic of rehabilitation.