Petriv twins are getting ready for treatment in Truskavets

2018 02 03 Views: 208

Oleg and Volodya have a break between rehabilitation courses. There was a period when the boys suffered a rather severe illness: Volodya had pneumonia, and in Oleg - bronchitis. Now the twins are healthy, they are gaining strength before the start of a new rehab course that will take place in their favorite Truskavets.
The boys have a good mood. Appetite is good too. They are fond a lot of rehabilitation classes in the Kalush pool "Aquatoria". Children are very active after a visit to the pool. Boys already know some letters - they read a lot at home with their mother, learn to figure out and distinguish colors. Oleg – is a future artist! He likes to sing songs. And although his pronunciation is vague, Mom believes that he has a good hearing.
Let’s remind you, that children do not stand on their own legs.Doctors hope the twins will give a positive response to rehabilitation. Oleg and Volodymyr were assigned massages, exercise therapy, and recommended to undergo a re-course of rehab in the Kozyavkin Clinic of Rehabilitation.