Charity Foundation “You are an Angel” congratulates on Children's Day (Video)

2019 06 01 Views: 103

On June 1, the world celebrates International Children's Day. Volunteers of the Charity Foundation “You are an Angel” traditionally celebrate it with children, who are the wards of the foundation.
We visited the OncoHematology of the Ivano-Frankivsk Children's Clinical Hospital. There, our friends-animators have organized a real holiday for children - as if on the day of birth at someone's birthday party. There were a lot of fun, emotions, balloons and a real bubble show that hit children most: “I stepped in a circle, and I was surrounded by a huge bubble. It was so interesting, “I really love to inflate the bubbles. I like the way they burst. The bigger the bubble, the better bursts".
In addition to the fun, the children were treated with sweets.
“We try our best to protect and support our children. We love them very much. It is extremely enjoyable to feel that kids love us - and look forward to meeting. So, unite for the sake of children from all over the world. They are our future", said Maria Pazinyuk, an art therapist at the Charity Foundation "You are an Angel".