The Foundation's art therapists have resumed creative training at OncoHematology

2019 09 17 Views: 125

The summer vacations are over and we are back to the oncology department of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital. The children longed for the volunteers of the foundation, and looked forward to the appearance of fun wizards who paint in their gray and gloomy days in the hospital walls.
This week, art therapists with patients of the OncoHematology made a postcard that reminded everyone of the fall.
Together with the boys and girls, we collected fresh fallen autumn leaves, which graced the yard of the children's hospital. The children carefully painted the leaflets by paints and made prints on landscape paper. They draw viburnum by cotton buds and then all clear lines draw with a black gel pen. 
“There were smiles on the children's cheeks, and light and fun were in our souls because it is so easy to give love, warmth and care”, says art therapist Maria Pazyniuk.
One can also join our classes, which take place every Thursday at 5pm. Just contact the art-therapist of the CF “You are an Angel” Maria Pazinyuk and find out all the details.