Tanya Mazuk - letter from Hamburg

2011 09 18 Views: 8730

Dear Friends! First of all, forgive me for being silent for a long time. I had many days when I could not talk or write because problems blocked my thoughts. We lived through many various situations: good blood work tests and hard days when Tatiana’s body was rejecting donor’s cells.


Taras Grabchuk - our progress

2011 09 14 Views: 1654

It is the seventh day of the first chemotherapy session. Tomorrow we will be done with Topotecan, and we will begin Etoposide. Taras often has fever 38.5, analyses are poor, the appetite is bad, and boy is tired and wants to be in bed. I had a dream last night that Taras is losing his hair, and in the morning, I checked if that is already happening. It looks that chemo has a good result. During the last days, Taras is taking less painkillers, and today there was no need for that at all. Taras is not complaining of the pain any longer, and we hope that the tumor is not growing any more.


Taras Grabchuk - latest news

2011 09 09 Views: 2293

Today is the third day of the chemo. First two days were hard for Taras: high fever, sleepiness, lack of energy, and no appetite. Today Taras is feeling better, he even smiled couple of times and his fever is not so high any longer. Unfortunately, Taras’ hemoglobin count is low, and Dr Smidt warned us that tomorrow Taras will need donor’s blood. The first chemotherapy session will be 10 days. In Ukraine, the longest chemo was only 3 days. We still have 7 days to go, and then we will have to check how the tumor reacts.


Czech community helps children

2011 09 08 Views: 1870

We are always happy to have new friends who share the goals of our foundation. Six months passed since we became friends with Harita from Czech Republic. During this time the team of the foundation discussed the possibilities of the future collaboration and successfully completed the project “Adoption at a distance”. The goal of the project is to provide financial help to children with serious health conditions and orphans. So far Czech citizens give help to seven Ukrainian children!


Taras Grabchuk - news from Nuremberg

2011 09 05 Views: 1902

Unfortunately, results are not comforting. Of course, I knew what the doctors were going to tell us, but till the very last moment I hoped for a miracle. All these two weeks in Germany every second I envisioned that doctors will give me good news, that they will tell me that the tumor is getting smaller or even disappeared…. Taras looks like a healthy boy and he is always smiling. With great joy, he plays with toys and show them to his dad and his sister via Skype.


“Ty Anhel” donated apparatus to the rehabilitation center

2011 08 21 Views: 4921

On Thursday, the charitable foundation “Ty Anhel” visited Vygoda rehabilitation center, in which orphans and children with severe vision impairment and children with cerebral palsy reside and attend school. “Ty Anhel” donated Gravistat, apparatus intended to correct the movements in patients with cerebral palsy and neurological disorders of the musculoskeletal system, to the institution. The school begins soon and we hope that that Gravistat is a wonderful gift because it can improve the program of rehabilitation of the children.


An unforgettable day

2011 08 21 Views: 1898

For a long time, the children from Ivano-Frankivsk shelter were waiting for the field trip, and it finally took place. The driving was long and not so easy because it was hot outside, but the children were happy because they were going to have fun at the water park “Pliazh”, visit the old districts of Lviv, and stop for lunch at McDonalds. During the last several years, it is the first field trip to another region, and the children will remember this day for the rest of their lives.


“Ty Anhel” conducted a seminar for doctors in the Ivano-Frankivsk region.

2011 08 03 Views: 2726

Last Saturday on July 30, charitable foundations “Ty Anhel” and “Zaporuka” conducted a seminar for doctors in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. Healthcare workers and representatives of mass media and local authorities attended the seminar. The topic of the seminar “Early diagnostics of cancer in children” did not leave our partners and friends from “VAB Bank” indifferent. They helped us to print fliers and brochures and participated in the seminar.


Tanya Mazuk - latest news

2011 07 29 Views: 1905

Tatiana is still in the hospital. She is feeling better, medical tests are better, but the girl still has problems with her stomach. Tatiana’s body rejects food. However, it is good that she does not have pain attacks that even the most powerful painkillers could not remove. Tatiana’s mom is always next to her. Tatiana lost 4 kg, but her cheeks are still rosy because of all the drugs that is taking. Tatiana is very sad that she will not go to school on September 1. However, she knows that her goal is to recover.


Informational meeting about early diagnostics of cancer in children

2011 07 18 Views: 2366

The main goal of the project is to reduce the mortality in children from cancer through improved early diagnostics. According to the data provided by the Department of Health of Ukraine, when it comes to childhood cancer, Ukraine is in one of the last places in the world , and the mortality rate exceeds the rates in other countries. Most of the governmental programs and projects do not target early diagnostics; they rather try to overcome the consequences that arise from diagnosing the deceases at later stages.


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