Charitable Events To Help Olga Pilipchiuk

2012 01 10 Views: 2194

Artists and musicians of Ivano-Frankivsk got together to help Olga Pilipchiuk. Twelve-year old Olga has been diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Ms Alena, the art director of the café “Marmulada” provided the facility for the event. Two groups of musicians, “Puppet Show” and “Flower Blossom”, agreed to sing during the event. Photographers Oleg Antoshkiv, Natalia Kabliuk, Volodia Barlozhetsky, Igor Magnovsky, Roman Dzvinchiuk, Alexander Torbiak, Andiy Shustikevich, Vladimir Fuchenko, and designer Nata Meta donated their works of art for the charitable auction.


Happy New Year and Merry Christmas

2011 12 25 Views: 2703

Charitable foundation “Ty Anhel” wishes you Happy New Year and Merry Christmas. We wish you to have your houses filled with children’s laughter and peace in your hearts.


St. Nick's visit to the hospitals and orphanages

2011 12 24 Views: 2078

St Nicholas worked very hard all week visiting the children in hospitals, orphanages, and shelters. In these places, children were waiting for him, his gifts, and sincere greetings the most. Here he is: tall, with lush beard, dressed in gilded clothes. The children were gasping in surprise, the adults were smiling, and everybody was waiting for a miracle. St Nick and his help the Angel come the hospital wards, greet the children, and give them gifts. During our visit to Ivano-Frankivsk regional hospital, we steeped by the surgical department first, and then we went to the department of hematology.


St. Nick's Visit

2011 12 24 Views: 2179

As a part of the project “St. Nick’s Sack” organized by the charitable foundation “Ty Anhel” for the last four years, a holiday event for the children with disabilities and orphans took place. One hundred children participated in the event. The event took place at a disco club “Europa” in Dolyna. The children from a catholic Sunday school presented a Christmas play and sang Christmas carols.


Anthem of “Ty Anhel”

2011 12 21 Views: 1157

Dear friends and partners! We have wonderful news! Thanks to your contributions, we are able to do more work, and we can do it better. We also keep adding new projects to our agenda. Young and talented people join us: writers, journalists, artists, designers. Now our foundation has its own anthem. We hope you will like it. Our volunteer Julia Mikitin, the author, put all her heart and soul into it.


Taras Grabchuk. Letter from mother.

2011 12 21 Views: 1946

First of all, I would like to thank everybody who cared about us and who helped us. I am grateful that you exist and help us in spite of your own circumstances. Thank you for giving us faith in better life and hope to recover. Thank you very much and God bless you! All last week, Taras and I were in the hospital in Greifswald. Taras was undergoing some testing, and he took pills that slow down the growth of the tumor and the reproduction of cancer cells.


Weekly Report

2011 12 20 Views: 1322

Right before the holiday of St. Nick and New Year, we always have a desire to do more good. For a very long time, we planned to visit an orphanage in Nadvirna, 30 km from Ivano-Frankivsk, and we were determined to do it now. We were not empty-handed. The whole trunk of our car was filled with packages of clothes and toys that the employees of international accounting firm KPMG collected for the kids, and we are very grateful to them.


Vasil Zayachiuk Needs 2 800 Grivnas to Continue the Treatment

2011 12 14 Views: 1896

The story of this boy’s disease and treatment is very complicated. In critical condition, Vasil had to be moved to a department of hematology in one of Kiev’s hospitals. Vasil’s parents had a long list of medications, without which the hospital would not accept the boy. They did not have enough money and they were desperate. Everything was happening so fast that nobody could clearly understand what was going on. They were going to Kiev with the faith in God and hope that somebody would help them. At that time, kind people helped Vasil’s parents to pay for the treatment.


Our condolences

2011 11 23 Views: 2021

The team of the charitable foundation “Ty Anhel” mourns the premature death of the father of our colleague and volunteer Lesia Gapishin. We express our deep and sincere condolences to the family and relatives of the deceased.


The first stage of Taras’ treatment in Nuremberg is over

2011 11 13 Views: 7509

The first stage of Taras’ treatment in Nuremberg is over. Today we said good bye to healthcare workers and patients from Сnopf'sche Kinderklinik. We were almost crying because everybody was so kind to us. Taras managed to charm the doctors, nurses, and other moms in the hospital wink. On Sunday, we will have to say good bye to our numerous friends in Nuremberg. We look forward to continue the treatment, and at the same time, we are said to leave.


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