Всі турботи відходять на другий план, коли в родину приходить рак

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Всі турботи відходять на другий план, коли в родину приходить рак. На Прикарпатті проживає 90 дітей з цим страшним діагнозом, як правило це малюки до 6-ти років. У 4-річного Святослава 8 місяців тому виявили гострий лімфобластомний лейкоз. Хлопчик вже лікувався у Києві, тепер проходить останні процедури хіміотерапії в обласній дитячій лікарні. Мама розказує найстрашніше уже позаду, дитина практично здорова. А починалося все зі звичайного занедужання. На поточній хіміотерапії в обласній дитячій лікарні знаходиться зараз 10 дітей. Ця процедура надзвичайно вартісна. Все залежить від складності хвороби, В окремих випадкам достатньо 40 тисяч гривень, в інших і 100 тисяч євро замало.


Трішки новин з гематології

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Нещодавно на сайті появилась інформація про нових діток, які поступили у відділення гематології - Сашка та Олю. Діти починають інтенсивне лікування, яке триватиме багато довгих місяців. Маємо трішки інформації про діток, якою хочемо поділитися з Вами. Після встановлення діагнозу, Сем'юк Саша - щирий та привітний хлопчих з чарівною усмішкою на обличчі, розпочав лікування, під час якого хлопчик "переніс" стоматит, сильні болі живота, голови та рвоту. Потім Сашу почали зводити часті судоми, після чого хлопчик потрапив до реанімації. Після трьох днів перебування в реанімаційному відділенні його стан покращився, і Сашу знову перевели у відділення гематології для подальшого лікування.


Vacation trip for the orphans from Ivano-Frankivsk shelter

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Summer is over, and all our memories about vacations at seaside or on a riverbank are in the past. Some children, however, did not have a chance to have summer vacation. Orphans usually spend their summer in the orphanage or in the shelter. Wonderful fall weather gave us an opportunity to catch up with vacation, and we decided to organize a trip for the orphans from Ivano-Frankivsk shelter and for the children from troubled families from Ivano-Frankivsk Region. Our vacation was wonderful, and we saw positive emotions in children who are so misfortunate in life. Read more about our trip.


Life of a Ukrainian boy in a German hospital.

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In the last days of the chemo, Taras stopped complaining of the pain in his back and in his legs and he did not have high fever any more. All this makes us hope that the tumor is getting smaller. Body temperature is sill normal after the end the chemo, but Taras is still taking antibiotics.


Vlad Deliar. Finish line is close.

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It is being eight month since the beginning of the treatment of Vlad Deliar. At present the boy needs two more chemotherapy sessions. It is good to know that Vlad is recovering well from the previous chemotherapies. He is still weak, but we hope that once the treatment is over, Vlad will become stronger and he will be able to play outside with his peers.


Day of Knowledge with a smile

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For each of us the first day of school associates with a lot of flowers, white bows, the first teacher, school assembly, and loud laughter in the hallways. We do not even think that somewhere in hospitals sick children cannot be with their friends on that day, they cannot meet their teacher, or hear the first bell, or sit down at their desks… We cannot even imagine that in this joyous day orphanages and shelters are full with children who do not have a parents who would take them to school, buy them a bouquet of flowers, take them to a store to pick up an agenda, notebooks, pencils, rulers.


Tanya Mazuk - letter from Hamburg

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Dear Friends! First of all, forgive me for being silent for a long time. I had many days when I could not talk or write because problems blocked my thoughts. We lived through many various situations: good blood work tests and hard days when Tatiana’s body was rejecting donor’s cells.


Taras Grabchuk - our progress

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It is the seventh day of the first chemotherapy session. Tomorrow we will be done with Topotecan, and we will begin Etoposide. Taras often has fever 38.5, analyses are poor, the appetite is bad, and boy is tired and wants to be in bed. I had a dream last night that Taras is losing his hair, and in the morning, I checked if that is already happening. It looks that chemo has a good result. During the last days, Taras is taking less painkillers, and today there was no need for that at all. Taras is not complaining of the pain any longer, and we hope that the tumor is not growing any more.


Taras Grabchuk - latest news

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Today is the third day of the chemo. First two days were hard for Taras: high fever, sleepiness, lack of energy, and no appetite. Today Taras is feeling better, he even smiled couple of times and his fever is not so high any longer. Unfortunately, Taras’ hemoglobin count is low, and Dr Smidt warned us that tomorrow Taras will need donor’s blood. The first chemotherapy session will be 10 days. In Ukraine, the longest chemo was only 3 days. We still have 7 days to go, and then we will have to check how the tumor reacts.


Czech community helps children

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We are always happy to have new friends who share the goals of our foundation. Six months passed since we became friends with Harita from Czech Republic. During this time the team of the foundation discussed the possibilities of the future collaboration and successfully completed the project “Adoption at a distance”. The goal of the project is to provide financial help to children with serious health conditions and orphans. So far Czech citizens give help to seven Ukrainian children!


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