Informational meeting about early diagnostics of cancer in children

2011 07 18 Views: 2178

The main goal of the project is to reduce the mortality in children from cancer through improved early diagnostics. According to the data provided by the Department of Health of Ukraine, when it comes to childhood cancer, Ukraine is in one of the last places in the world , and the mortality rate exceeds the rates in other countries. Most of the governmental programs and projects do not target early diagnostics; they rather try to overcome the consequences that arise from diagnosing the deceases at later stages.


News from Department of Hematology

2011 07 02 Views: 1476

Last week we visited the Department of Hematology at the Regional Children’s Hospital, and we had a chance to talk to the children and their parents. We met Vlad Deliar’s mother. She told us that Vlad has one more chemotherapy session left. He is doing OK, but he has headaches. Last week, he did not go home because his test results were unsatisfactory. Tatiana Gotlib is feeling good; she has good appetite and positive attitude. Last week though she had high fever and stomatitis, and the scheduled chemo was postponed.


Inhaler is donated to the Hematology Department

2011 07 02 Views: 1327

On the International Children’s Day, Charitable Foundation “Ty Anhel” donated an inhaler made by Gamma to the Hematology Department of the Children’s Regional Hospital of Ivano-Frankivsk. The chief nurse Nataliya Ostapiuk said that everybody in the hospital has been dreaming about such gift for a long time. Before, if our little patients needed the inhaler, they had to go to a different department of the hospital. It was a huge inconvenience for children and their parents. Now as we have an inhaler right in our department, the children with cancer have an opportunity to use it when they need it right in their hospital rooms.


Charitable foundation "Ty Anhel" organized a fair

2011 06 11 Views: 2371

June 5, 2011, charitable foundation "Ty Anhel" organized an event dedicated to the International Children’s Day. Volunteers visited Health Recreation Complex «Druzhba», and gave away to the parents who came to visit their children the booklets about early diagnostics of cancer in children. It was a great occasion to talk to kids as well. Volunteers of our foundation gave the children the calendars that explained children's rights. The meeting was a huge success.


Rostik continues the treatment, and he needs your support

2011 06 11 Views: 2369

After Rostik had been diagnosed with cancer, he began treatment with intensive chemotherapy, and it was hard on him. He could not walk, and he could not even move. He was exhausted and helpless. To one chemo, he had a severe allergic reaction in the form of diarrhea. He had stomatitis, high fever, and, infections. Thanks to God and kind people, we were able to overcome all the difficulties.


International Children’s Day in the Department of Hematology

2011 06 11 Views: 1895

June 1, when so many various events dedicated to the International Children’s Day took place in Ivano-Frankivsk, we visited the department of Hematology and Nephrology in the regional Children’s Hospital. Our friends from VAB-Bank agreed to visit the children with us, and we are grateful to them. The children had an art class with us. The atmosphere during the class was friendly and quiet. It was nice to see that children were happy to work on their projects.


Благодійний фонд "Ти-АНГЕЛ" привітав дітей Івано-Франківського притулку

2011 06 11 Views: 2227

Цьогу разу, приїхавши в притулок привітати дітей з 1 червня - Міжнародним днем захисту дітей, ми застали їх на дворі, була чудова погода і діти весело проводили час на свіжому повітрі. Завдячуючи нашому партнеру ТОВ «Інтелком» ми привезли дітям іграшки, які урізноманітнять проведення часу (тенісні ракетки, настільний футбол, іграшкові кухоньки, мозаїки, конструктори та ін.). Діти були дуже зацікавлені і схвильовані в передчутті свята.


Vlad Deliar - news from the department of hematology

2011 06 04 Views: 1343

In January 2011 Vlad Deliar was diagnosed with acute leukemia and was hospitalized at the Regional Children’s Hospital. The first months were very difficult for the boy. His parents never knew what would happen the next day and the next night. Vlad was in pain, he felt nausea, and he had Stomatitis.We do not want to remember, and it is hard to forget all the hard times in Vlad’s life. Now Vlad feels better. We thank everybody who helped to raise money for Vlad’s treatment and we hope that more people will help the boy in the future months.


“Marathon of Kindness”

2011 06 04 Views: 1348

June 5, on the square in front of the Electronics store, the charitable foundation “Ty Anhel” and Dolyna City Administration are organizing a “Marathon of Kindness”. The fliers with information about early cancer diagnostics and calendars that remind children about their rights guaranteed by the ONU Convention will be distributed. Artworks of children and young adults will be displayed and available for sale. Money raised during the event will be spent to help children with cancer and orphans that live in our region.


News about Mazuk Tanya

2011 05 28 Views: 1429

For a week now, Tatiana is undergoing the intensive chemotherapy session. All cells that are created by bone marrow, sick and healthy, are destroyed. It means that Tatiana’s immunity system is not working now. Tatiana is feeling bad sometimes, better other times. Of course, she has some of the usual side effects: stomatitis, high fever, allergies. When Tatiana cannot eat, she is fed intravenously.


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