Сергійко Петришин з нетерпінням чекає на операцію

2019 02 21 Views: 53

Благодійний фонд «Ти-Ангел» уже здійснив авансовий платіж для проведення операції Сергійку Петришину. Спеціалісти приступили до виконання спецзамовлення по виготовленню спеціальних медичних фіксаторів, які будуть вмонтовуватися у ніжку хлопчика. Але всієї суми коштів ще немає. До березня необхідно зібрати ще 78 тисяч гривень і тоді дитину зможуть прооперувати.


БФ «Ти-Ангел» придбав для Долинської дитячої лікарні нове обладнання

2019 02 21 Views: 61

БФ "Ти-Ангел" продовжує оновлювати застаріле обладнання лабораторії Долинської міської дитячої лікарні. Цього разу волонтери фонду придбали та передали на баланс лікувального закладу спектрофотометр ULAB-2. Вартість лабораторного обладнання становить 39 тис. грн. У планах фонду придбати ще й термостат, який застосовується для дослідження гемокоагуляції.


Кладько Денис - грошей на операцію не вистачає

2019 02 12 Views: 115

Денису мають зробити операцію по введенню імпланту для вирівняння хребта. Попередньо планували її зробити у грудні 2018 року, але сім’я не змогла зібрати необхідну суму грошей. Денис мріє нарешті зняти пластмасовий корсет. Хоче бути таким же, як інші діти – ходити, бігати, гратися. З нашою допомогою, дитині все вдасться.


Anastasia Zinenko returned after a regular rehab

2019 02 07 Views: 89

Rehab in the Koziavkin clinic bear, as always, fruits. Anastasia’s muscle tone declined. The girl became more durable. In addition, she became talkative, she was curious. Probably the main event of this rehabilitation course was the arrival of her elder brothers at the clinic. Therefore, the child was engaged with even greater tenacity. Also on the last day of the course, Anastasia with her mother went to the dolphinarium.


Сhildren has visited old people in the Vygoda geriatric center

2019 02 06 Views: 99

In the framework of celebration of Christmas holidays, pupils of the Ivano-Frankivsk Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of children visited the old people in the Vygoda geriatric center. The children congratulated grandparents with Merry Christmas, song carols and sweetened them. Despite the fact, children from the center of social and psychological rehabilitation are not very easy, they nevertheless show love and generosity to others.


The official presentation of the coloring book "The Grandmother Hannusia’s Farm" was held

2019 01 28 Views: 129

The official presentation of the coloring book "The Grandmother Hannusia’s Farm" was held on January 27. The volunteer of the charity foundation "You are an Angel", art therapist Marichka Pazinyuk is the ideologue and author of the book. The edition of the coloring book "The Grandmother Hannusia’s Farm" is 1000 copies. These books will be received by all the children who are cared for by "You are an Angel", because the coloring is created specifically for them.


Sergiy Petryshyn held a feast without any fractures

2019 01 23 Views: 309

These holidays were very successful for our ward Sergiy Petryshun. He has not get fractures. For all of us, this news is extremely joyful, because the boy could not even joint the family for the Holy Supper in recent years because of fractures. The implant introduction is scheduled for March. The cost of the surgery - UAH 140 000.


Christmas together. Charitable Foundation "You are an Angel" presented children with incredible Christmas emotions in the Carpat

2019 01 23 Views: 166

Volunteers of our foundation spent togeather with two dozen of children from the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation from 18 to 20 January. All of them went to the Carpathians in the frame of the annual project “Christmas Together”.


Twins Petriv were screened in Italy and need to continue rehabilitation in Truskavets

2019 01 15 Views: 87

Oleg and Volodymyr Petriv have often got sick during the last 6 months. After treatment in department of pediatric neurology, the guys were rather weakened, consequently they have got a protracted bronchitis. Their mother was very worried about the guys. She was often advised to go abroad for the consultation, in particular, to Italy.


Anastasia Zinenko goes into rehab at the end of January

2019 01 10 Views: 96

Till the middle of December Anastasia was sick so she couldn't go to the Koziavkin Rehabilitation Center located in Truskavets. Despite this she is doing some exercises at home and also a massage therapist comes to the girl. Anastasia and her mom are going to re-embark on their rehabilitation course in Koziavkin rehabilitation Center on January 21. 10,352 hryvnias needs to be collected by that time.


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