На занятті арт-терапії наші підопічні стали лікарями

2017 11 19 Views: 80

Забути про свої хвороби, а лікувати плюшеві. Дитяче відділення онкогематологіі перетворилось на ,,Лікарню для ведмежат''. Дітки змогли відчути себе справжніми лікарями – хірургами, травматологами, окулістами. У цьому дітлахам допомогли студенти Івано-Франківського національного медичного університету.


Artem’ health condition after a comprehensive treatment is much better

2017 11 15 Views: 106

Artemko has already undergone radiotherapy and received 7 blocks of individual chemotherapy drugs. After each two blocks, the child has an MRI and spinal puncture. Recent tests from the National Cancer Institute showed that “Temodal” should continue to be used up to 9 courses. The boy has already started a new drug. Also, after each block, he’ll have tests to study his liquor.


Pavlyshyn Danylo is resting at home

2017 11 05 Views: 86

Danylo returned home after treatment at the Regional Children Clinical Hospital. Now he has no high temperature, he has appetite, he started eat better. It is early enough talk about improving the situation. Now, there is little improvement in the benchmarking tests, which gives hope that treatment will help. However, he has to continue the fight.


October Report

2017 11 03 Views: 94

The time is unstoppable, as is our help for children. Charitable Foundation "Ty-Angel" traditionally cares about its wards so that they’ll feel not only healthy, but also happy. This time, we fund raised UAH 80 438,33. We spent - UAH 124 632,49. We paid a lot for purchasing a laboratory electrolyte analyzer for the Dolyna children hospital.


Yulia Fedoriv continues antiviral therapy

2017 11 02 Views: 118

Fedoriv Yulia is passing now the 15-th week of antiviral therapy. Let’s remind you, she has chronic hepatitis B. Everything goes well, but the treatment is long and expensive. The girl additionally takes a hepatoprotector. She passes tests at the place of her residence. Yulia studies at the Precarpathian University’s college, she visits lessons.


Belief and indifference. A charity concert was organized for Sergiy Petryshyn

2017 10 31 Views: 84

At the entrance to the church there was a box for collecting donations for the treatment of Sergiy Petryshyn. Believers actively joined the charity. We were able to fund raise UAH 2472,00. This weekend there was a charity concert for our ward. “Imperfect osteogenesis is a case of bones breaking down in an even place. For his 9 years, Sergiy suffered over 50 fractures.


Our hero Diana Shpakovych has a relapse

2017 10 29 Views: 302

Diana has passed a great test in her life. She has been struggling with a tumor above the right kidney for 5 years. But the disease returned 2 times after 12 blocks of chemotherapy and bone marrow transplantation. Now the girl has again a relapse.


Victoria Vistovska struggles with cancer

2017 10 29 Views: 110

Victoria Vistovska has already completed the 4th block of chemotherapy. She is very exhausted. It was particularly difficult for her last block. Strong diarrhea tormented her for 12 days. Her body is dehydrated. That round-the-clock drops, artificial food and properly selected antibiotics put the child on her feet. Now Victoria gets better, she paints and laughs.


Pavlo Gumenyak had a very heavy month

2017 10 26 Views: 69

This month our Pavlo had a severe attack of pain in the intestine. It was impossible to stop it. Pressure again began to fall sharply: only slightly rising and falling to an even lower mark. Heart rhythm was broken. Liver elastography tests showed the good result - F1. Pavlo does not take hormones. Soon he will have tests to see how the body cures without these medicaments.


Dolyna Children Medical Hospital received modern laboratory equipment

2017 10 25 Views: 606

Blood test values a lot in a disease diagnosing, so high-quality equipment in a health facility can save lives of children. Dolyna Childrens Hospital now can test even the smallest particles of baby's blood, up to electrolytes. The charitable Foundation "Ty-Angel" has purchased for this institution an electrolytes analyzer, made in the USA, total cost UAH 79750.


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