CF "You are an Angel" and "Rozetka" signed a memorandum of cooperation

2019 08 05 Views: 67

Charitable Foundation "You are an Angel" became a member of the platform "Help spot-on" from the online shop "Rozetka"! This means that we will be able to buy goods to meet the urgent needs of our clients on the "Rozetka" at a special price. Due to savings on purchases, we will have additional funds for other areas of assistance.


Victoria Petsa-Dovbush has undergone a rehabilitation course in Truskavets

2019 07 09 Views: 147

Recently, our girl - Victoria, returned from Truskavets. She spent 12 full days there. Victoria’s mother says that they are very pleased with the result of rehabilitation treatment; they see new successes and achievements. The next rehab course is scheduled for December, so we ask you to continue help for Victoria and her mother.


Volunteers raised funds for the “House of Angels” in Zurich

2019 07 03 Views: 263

There were presentation of the CF “You are an Angel” activities for the Swiss, talking about the implemented and ongoing projects of the foundation. Particular attention was paid to the project “House of Angels” - a children's town in the Carpathians for rest and rehabilitation of deprived children.


25 children-orphans from Ivano-Frankivsk region rested in the children's camp “Small Angel”

2019 06 29 Views: 268

This year, 25 orphans from Ivano-Frankivsk region rested at the children's camp “Small Angel”. The children lived in a private farm “Darwayiv Kut”, located in the picturesque corner of the village Staryy Mizun nearby Vmgoda village. Every day of rest was full of interesting and cognitive excursions, hiking, games, various entertainments and useful and calorie meals of Boyko cuisine.


Victoria Pets-Dovbush undergoes rehabilitation in Truskavets

2019 06 18 Views: 123

Victoria was very responsibly preparing for a trip to the Kozyavkin Clinic in Truskavets. She was worried, but everything goes well. A medical examination at the start of the rehabilitation course showed problems with Victoria’s hip joints. Massages and physical exercises effect positive to her body - her tone has decreased, she began to keep her legs flat, lying on her back.


Sergiy Petryshyn got implant in his leg

2019 06 17 Views: 327

There was a long awaited event - Sergiy Petryshyn has gotten surgery. A special implant to strength his bone was introduced into his left leg. This is the second implant introduced into his body. Funds were raised over throughout our country. Therefore, friends, thank you for your indifference and generosity. This is all thanks to your help!


The CF “You are an Angel” prepares to heal children in the Carpathians

2019 06 12 Views: 181

The traditional children's camp “Small Angel” will start next week. Our little friends are looking forward to this trip. However, for a good rest, money is needed. The CF “You are an Angel” continues to raise funds for the camp “Small Angel”. There is not much time left, and money is still not enough.


Charity Foundation “You are an Angel” congratulates on Children's Day (Video)

2019 06 01 Views: 121

On June 1, the world celebrates International Children's Day. Volunteers of the Charity Foundation “You are an Angel” traditionally celebrate it with children, who are the wards of the foundation. We visited the OncoHematology of the Ivano-Frankivsk Children's Clinical Hospital. There, our friends-animators have organized a real holiday for children - as if on the day of birth at someone's birthday party.


A charity concert in support of the Charity Foundation “You are an Angel” was successfully held in the USA (Video)

2019 05 30 Views: 788

More than 200 visitors and UAH 100 000 of charitable contributions are the result of the concert organized by representatives of the Charity Foundation “You are an Angel” New York, USA. All funds will be spend on the construction of the “House of Angel” – the center where children, who are educated in social institutions, will spend their leisure time.


Help in children treatment is one of the priorities of the charitable foundation “You are an Angel”

2019 05 29 Views: 154

The Charitable Foundation “You are an Angel” continues to help children who need funds for treatment. The Charitable Foundation “You are an Angel” spent UAH 301 453.00 for medical and treatment support during January-June of 2019. Thank you, friends, for your help us in our help for children.


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