"Ти-Ангел" привітав дітей з Днем знань

2018 09 04 Views: 102

У День знань представники фонду завітали у Долинський дитячий будинок "Теплий дім", аби привітати своїх друзів з початком навчального року. Вісім рюкзаків наповнених різноманітним шкільним начинням вручено молодшим та старшим школярам.


Павлишин Данило – кілька місяців лікування позаду

2018 08 23 Views: 125

Триває боротьба із хворобою Крона, на яку страждає наш підопічний Данило. Після лікування в стаціонарі ОДКЛ хлопець повернувся додому. Пройшло понад три місяці з того часу, як йому вводять імунобіологічний препарат «Хуміра». Контрольні аналізи показують, що Данилу кращає, але зупинятися не варто.


Денис Кладько відзначив 15-річчя

2018 08 22 Views: 130

Вітаємо Дениса Кладька з Днем народження! Бажаємо йому терпіння і сил на повне одужання! Для хлопця літо промайнуло дуже швидко. Він навіть не встиг насолодитися цією порою. Денису слід якомога швидше зробити операцію по вирівнянню хребта. Операція коштує 300 тисяч гривень.


Smart weekend: our wards made a trip to the capital of Ukraine

2018 08 15 Views: 161

Charitable Foundation "Ty-Angel (You are an Angel)", together with its wards from the InterRegional Center for Social-Psychological Rehabilitation of Children in the village Medynia of the Halych district, has spent last weekend in the capital of Ukraine - in Kiev. This day was sunny, fun and full of emotions. Most of the children for the first time drove so far away from their homes, they were curious to travel by train.


Petriv Twins have recently celebrated their birthday

2018 07 30 Views: 135

Oleg and Volodymyr Petriv grow up fast. On July 24, the twins have turned their four. They had a lot of fun within their birthday celebrating: there were balls, favorite "Kinder chocolate" and a bunch of gifts. The boys were very fond of blowing candles on a festive cake.


Swiss support Ukrainian children

2018 07 30 Views: 204

A charity event was held in support of Ukrainian children-wards of the Charity Foundation "Ty-Angel (You are an Angel)" in Switzerland. Volunteers treated the Swiss with Ukrainian flavors. They also organized a concert with Ukrainian performers and, even, bandura. The locals were happy to respond to a charity event and donated to children 3 000 francs.


Danylo Pavlyshyn – the treatment is successful, but not enough

2018 07 04 Views: 164

For all this time, there were almost no changes in Danylo’s life. He continues to receive treatment at home. Permanent control tests show slight improvements. He feels differently - sometimes better, sometimes worse. Danylo is a student. He was looking forward to the summer holidays.


Sergiy Petryshyn had a surgery

2018 06 22 Views: 205

Sergiy Petryshyn recently suffered a very important period in his life - he has gotten two implants in his thigh and shin. The surgery was very difficult. It lasted for 9 hours instead of scheduled 1 hour. Now Sergiy is at home. He has fever, and he is much depleted. In November, Sergiy will have another surgery - on his second leg.


Charitable foundation "Ty-Angel" organizes for children recreation camp "Small Angel" for the third time

2018 06 21 Views: 192

The third annual children's camp "Small Angel" took place in Tatariv. The participants of the camp were 30 orphan children and those who were in difficult life circumstances from the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children and the Interregional Center from the Medynia village.


News from Oleg and Volodya Petriv

2018 06 07 Views: 185

Oleg and Volodya feel good. The boys continue to engage in the "Aquatoria" pool in Kalush. As far as the boys love water very much, this makes it easier for the rehabilitation doctor to make classes, and swimming is beneficial for the kids. In parallel, Oleg and Volodya undergo rehabilitation at the Ivano-Frankivsk “Altmed” Health Center.


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