Чергові успіхи нашої Яринки

2017 06 22 Views: 82

Маємо чудові новини від Яринки Гушпіт. Вона повернулась із чергової реабілітації, завдяки чому права ножка перестала вкорочуватись. Яринка почала набагато краще ходити. Тим більше, краще користується правою ручкою. Дитина почала робити те, про що мама навіть не думала в цей період: вона почала вчитися їзди на велосипеді, скаче на скакалці.


Артем Грицюк розпочав лікування новим препаратом

2017 06 21 Views: 239

Ми розповідали минулого разу, що у Артемка стався інсульт, який він ледь пережив. Та ще й в дитини рецидив. Лікарі призначили йому лікування новим препаратом. З 5 травня він приймав перший блок хімії в капсулах. Недавно хлопчик закінчив прийом другого блоку. Поки що не можемо сказати результатів лікування, адже треба робити КТ.


Pavlo Gumenyak will consult at another clinic

2017 06 20 Views: 100

Pavlo gets a little bit better comparing with his previous health condition. His pressure stabilized and it doesn’t decrease to very low. But his blood is still clots very bad and it causes small wound on his legs. Bile flow out from his foot and it caused severe intoxication of child’s body: it was necessary to inject droppers, because he couldn’t eat.


Eldar Ramazanov - first chemotherapy course gave a result

2017 06 18 Views: 529

Eldar Ramazanov has already undergone two courses of chemotherapy. It all started to emerge: a tumor has decreased by 30%. Some lymph tumors on his lungs and liver had shrunk – and the news is good! He for more than three weeks does not take pain killer medicaments – he feels better. CT revealed the tumor is covered with a hard shell and it makes possible a surgery to carrying out.


Yulia Romaniv is back from the second course of rehabilitation

2017 06 18 Views: 38

Every time after Yulia got treatment in Truskavets, everybody can see positive changes. This rehabilitation is very useful for the child, but it must be done routinely. Yulia recently completed another treatment course. It’s impossible to count improvements! She began to understand better requests, holds her head and back. And her appetite and sleep improved.


Mykola Kischuk became an angel

2017 06 16 Views: 5598

Today we have lost a little friend. We got acquaintance with Mykola in close 2015, he turned his only 2. The frightened boy in the hands of his bewildered and confused mother did not understand what was happening and were not even aware that ahead of a difficult struggle. A year of a long and intensive treatment brought win – the boy was in remission, he with his mother went home.


"So easy to do good deals" - we have a new action

2017 06 08 Views: 112

Buy a magnet – and help a small child. It seems not difficult, but how much benefit it will bring to us, and, as a consequence, and to all our wards. CF "You are an Angel” started cooperation with the supermarkets network "Guest House (Gostynniy Dvir)", where special magnets will be sold, and money will be transferred to help children with cancer in Ivano-Frankivsk.


May Report

2017 06 02 Views: 196

Friends, happy summer! Let this sunny time will give you a sea of joy and warm moments of life! But our post is not about vacation, but about work. More precisely, it is about the work our volunteers completed during May. So, last month CF “You are an Angel” has collected UAH 90 490,75 on its account. We spent UAH 25669,64 on children with cancer treatment.


Children Protection Day with a Spiritual Mentor

2017 06 02 Views: 233

Well, what kind of children's Day without all our wards saluting by our volunteers! CF "You are an Angel” celebrated it in a special way by visiting our friends in the Oncological Department of Ivano-Frankivsk regional children clinical hospital. We greeted parents of our friends, because June 1 is celebrated the global day of parents.


Pavlo Gumeniak was fully exhausted by a strong attack

2017 05 20 Views: 1377

Pavlo had a very strong attack of pain in his intestine. Each time the boy harder it carries, medications do not help even mask a terrible pain. Just imagine so low pressure to fall down during such attacks: 25/17! Pavlo loses consciousness, barely says, and gets vomiting. But the worst thing is that this pressure can not be no normalized. For three days Pavlo eats or drinks absolutely nothing to - could not, would not.


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