They need your help

Victoria Petsa-Dovbush

2019 03 25 Views: 408

Victoria has been struggling with severe disease. She was born with a perinatal lesion of the central nervous system at severe stage, with cerebral edema obtained within her stimulated birth - and this all happened due to the fatal mistake of a doctor. Only with your help, she will undergo the necessary treatment in Truskavets and will have a chance for a better future.


Klad’ko Denis

2018 05 30 Views: 1520

Denis is 15 years old. He has scoliosis. The boy has been being used a plastic corset for eight years, because of the strong curvature of the spine. Once doctors explained, the gullet that arose in the area of the spine was formed due to the rapid growth of the muscles. This caused scoliosis of 4 degrees. The spine did not maintained weight just got into the inside.