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Yabluniv Special Secondary Boarding School

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Fitcych Natalia Yuriivna


Ivan Franko str. 68, Yabluniv village, Kosiv districs, Ivano-Frankivsk region

Founded in


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+38(03478) 3 63 70









General Information about the Institution.


Almost 150 children get education at the Special Secondary Boarding School in Yabluniv. These children are the children with special needs: with mental and physical disabilities and children deprived of parental care. The educational process of the institution has its own characteristics, because it is aimed to overcome the deficiencies of mentally retarded children, to ensure their full activity and social adaptation. This work is not easy, because it is necessary to provide treatment and rehabilitation.
Special boarding school needs are rather large. In particular, the children always need clothes and shoes, sports equipment and playground are important too. We’d like to inform a TV set, needed by the pupils of the Yabluniv boarding school, has already been purchased by the charity Foundation "You are an Angel".  However, the material and technical support still needs to be renovated and updated.
In addition, social projects and various creative events are important for children. This not only stimulates children to develop, but make them friendly and adds confidence.
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