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Dolyna Children’s Hospital

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Medical Chief of Staff 

Nataliya Visochanska


23, Antonovich St,
Dolyna, Dolyna district, Ivano-Frankivsk region

Founded in


Phone, email

+380347726220, e-mail -












General Information about the Institution.




Dolyna Children’s Hospital is a true center of the healthcare for children.  Every year over 2,000 receive medical treatment here.  In total, 16,300 children live in the district. The hospital has been providing care for a long time and a lot of equipment is worn out. The government provides for only half of all the needs, and the needs are substantial.  Children’s lives depend on the availability of the equipment and medications.

The hospital needs the following diagnostic equipment: electrocardiographs, pulse oximeters, equipment to perform tests on urine and blood. UV irradiators, electronic stimulation devices, paraffin heater machine are  currently in bad condition and require replacement. And the hospital desperately needs the electric pump.
The hospital does not have permanent sponsors and that is why the administration counts on your support.
The children dream to have a playroom, so let’s help them. Hospital does not need to be sad

It is easy to help!