They need your attention

Yabluniv Special Secondary Boarding School

2016 04 10 Views: 2871

Almost 150 children get education at the Special Secondary Boarding School in Yabluniv. These children are the children with special needs: with mental and physical disabilities and children deprived of parental care. The educational process of the institution has its own characteristics, because it is aimed to overcome the deficiencies of mentally retarded children...


Dolyna Special Boarding School

2015 05 08 Views: 3624

Children from indigent families stay in Dolyna Special Boarding School. The number of children is 550. Orphans, children with disabilities live and learn here. The main aim of the School is to support and help them in all daily activities, and, in addition, to develop their talents. The directors of the institution say, that children...


Ivano-Frankivsk Children’s Hospital (department of hematology)

2015 02 25 Views: 4924

We are talking about the department of hematology at Ivano-Frankivsk Children’s hospital almost every day. Here children with cancer undergo treatment, and expensive medications are essential for the young patients. Our foundation tries to provide kids with medications, but without your help it is not possible.


Zaluchansky Orphanage

2015 02 06 Views: 5647

Zaluchansky orphanage is a home for 130 children under 18 years of age and adults. All the children have mental or physical disabilities. Most of them are either orphans or deprived of parental care. Here they receive care twenty four hours a day.


Dolyna Children’s Hospital

2015 01 23 Views: 3061

Dolyna Children’s Hospital is a true center of the healthcare for children. Every year over 2,000 receive medical treatment here. In total, 16,300 children live in the district. The hospital has been providing care for a long time and a lot of equipment is worn out.


Rohatyn Special Boarding School

2013 03 01 Views: 7165

It is a school and a place where children can get social and psychological help. One hundred orphans, semi-orphans, children who do not have parental care, and children with disabilities live and attend classes here. Institutions like this do not have enough support from the government, and they have to meet a lot of urgent needs themselves.


Ivano-Frankivsk Centre for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children

2011 05 08 Views: 19930

Ivano-Frankivsk Centre for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children – children, who need temporary support and are from families, that are in difficult life situation now, stay in this Institution. Thirty children live there. They are given social, psychological, medical and pedagogical support. Sometimes it is not easy to deal with them all, however the institution appears to be in more difficult situation.


Vygoda Center for Rehabilitation and Education Ivano-Frankivsk Region

2011 04 18 Views: 9405

Vygoda Center for Rehabilitation and Education is located in Vygoda that is 70 km from Ivano-Frankivsk. Orphans, semi-orphans, and children from troubled families live and attend school here. Some children here are visually impaired and some have cerebral palsy. In all, the center has 154 children.


Dolyna orphanage " Teply Dim (Warm home)" of Ivano-Frankivsk regional government

2011 04 17 Views: 15001

Dolyna orphanage "Teply Dim (Warm home)" is called "warm" for the reasons. It warms those children who do not feel parental warmth. More than fifty children from all districts of the region, 12 of them have a physical disability, live there. Besides accommodation and studying, children receive therapeutic, psychological and rehabilitation services.